Whether a performing arts center, conference room, church or theatre, American Hearing Loop has the experience and knowledge to design induction loop systems that are cost-effective and blend seamlessly into your facility.

Beyond that and more importantly, we sincerely believe we can provide a service to you and your patrons that will make a significant positive difference in your life and the lives of your patrons who have hearing loss and their families.
Our services include:

  • Comprehensive Needs Assessment

Each project begins with a comprehensive needs assessment. American hearing Loop collaborates with you to determine your needs and requirements. We may review your current assistive listening system if appropriate and determine if it is meeting the listening needs of your patrons.

A financial analysis of the costs and benefits of the loop system are discussed, including your budgetary requirements and an estimate is submitted.

Based on the information we gather we will generate a estimate that will meet your requirements and maximize the benefits for your patrons.

  • Engineering

After we have gained a clear understanding of how we can best serve you, we utilize an engineering system that provides compliance with the International Standard for Audio Induction Loop Systems – IEC 60118-4. This standard, which sets out requirements and test methods for any loop system, has become the reference for all loop systems installation and certifications.

We conduct measurements that include field strength, frequency response, background noise, and subjective testing in the field. These measurements ensure the induction loop system we install performs to the highest standards.

We take into consideration the unique building and architectural features of the facility, note particular challenges we may face and provide solutions in advance in order to design a system for maximum performance. With our knowledge and experience in both the construction and audio visual industries, we’ve found there’s virtually no obstacle we’ve encountered that we cannot solve. By proper planning and preparation on each project, we save you, as our client, both time and money.

  • Project Management

Each project is overseen by our Project Manager. By having a small but effective installation nucleus, our projects can be properly coordinated and controlled with our Project Manager throughout the life of the installation. By providing direct supervision and management over each installation you experience a consistent high level of quality and workmanship from us that you can count on.

  • Equipment

We believe our products must exceed our customers’ expectations and raise the standard over existing products. To do this, the products we distribute must not only be innovative, but also reliable and of the highest quality.

American Hearing Loop has achieved this by representing a hardware company that is part of a global concern with over 50 years of experience in the sound and hearing business. We carry a full range of commercial grade hearing assistive listening systems by Contacta, Inc. and because of its proven track record we can provide you the most technologically advanced and reliable equipment in the industry.

  • Professional Staff

American Hearing Loop installers are IEC standard 60118-4 Certified and Trained. American Hearing Loop is a part of the “Loop America Initiative”, a campaign undertaken by the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) and the America Academy of Audiology (AAA) to enlighten and excite individuals about T-coils and hearing loops and their unique benefits.

  • Education and Training

American Hearing Loop provides an initial on-site training and presentations to organizations and staff on the proper use of the equipment and troubleshooting techniques.

  • Support and Maintenance

We offer an annual maintenance program. This ensures your system continues to provide maximum benefit and continues to meet IEC 60118-4.

Professional Installation, operation and certification to IEC standards of Induction Hearing Loop

The Custom Design Hearing Loop encompasses both large center Pew areas providing T-coil induction Loop sound to hearing aids within the loop area.


  1. Custom design and installation
  2. Signage to inform that a Hearing Loop is installed
  3. Plaques to commemorate the generosity of any donor(s) available upon request
  4. Hand outs to educate users and the general public
  5. Publish-ready announcements for your newsletter, church bulletin or emails
  6. We can help you with a news release to send to the newspaper, church magazine or blogs
  7. Posting of Church location on our website directory as being accessible for persons who use hearing aids
  8. With each installed hearing loop system, we will be available to answer questions, offer hands-on instruction and verify that the system works to the satisfaction of the end users. The loop will be in working order as soon as installation is completed. We typically have a “shake down” time and we ask that a few known hearing aid users provide us with feedback.

NOTE: Successful use of a hearing loop is a process that will require your support as well.

  • Include the hearing loop logo in all your newsletters, announcements, bulletins, etc. We can provide examples.
  • Prominently post the hearing loop symbol at your entrance. For this purpose we can offer laminated signs or plaques.
  • Post the hearing loop logo on the venue’s website (if used).
  • Mention the hearing loop availability during services or productions when you have many visitors.