Hearing Loop Maintenance and Repair

Having problems with your hearing loop?  We repair non-working loops due to damage done to a loop wire, and we can replace bad hearing loop drivers and amplifiers. In the picture, we are checking for resistance in the wire because it had been cut after the carpet was replaced. Once we found the cuts, we soldered them together and got the loop working again.

If you have a hearing loop installed and are about to change your carpet, extra precautions should be taken so as to not damage the loop wire. However, if damage has occurred to the wire, we are able to fix it.

If you experience any of the following: no IEC conforming certificate, no 100-5000Hz frequencies, wire installed incorrectly, cheap or inadequate amplifier, buzzing or hum in hearing aids, words are unclear, crackling or “shhh” on words, you need to give us a call at 864-404-6937 or email us at [email protected].