Good? Bad? How do you know?

IEC Standards

Question: Is there an installation standard to ensure the consistent quality of Hearing Loops?
Yes, it is important that purchased AFILS equipment (driver/amplifier) and the installed wire loop design produce a uniform induction field that provides the correct strength and frequency response evenly over the entire venue.

American Hearing Loop Specialist are IEC Certified and Trained, American Hearing Loop Guarantees its installations meet IEC standards.

Best Equipment
American Hearing Loop uses equipment from Contacta, Inc , Contacta’s manufactures equipment that meets IEC standards and utilizes hearing loop systems to assist those people who wear hearing aids.

Hearing Loops (Induction loop systems) are used worldwide and are required to meet an established international standard, which was developed under the auspices of the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission).

What is a “Good” Hearing Loop and How do you know?
A good loop: IEC Standard and Conformity Certification Certificate. A “Commissioned Hearing loop”

The Hearing Loop Installers have known/defined standards to follow and will “issue” a IEC Certificate guaranteeing that the hearing Loop meets the standard required by the IEC to guarantee the hearing loop delivers all Frequencies to the hearing impaired. ADA and ANSI required.

T coil at a define listening volume (horizontal plane). Clarity and Intelligibility of the spoken word is wonderful.

This certificate is a required document before payment. DO NOT PAY or accept the installers word until you have this document in hand. Do not engage the services of the installer unless your contract clearly defines the IEC certificate to be received.

The process: contract with IEC conforming installer, provides accurate estimate, signed install contract with deliverables, training assistance, installation, testing, acceptance, final IEC conformity document completed with all recorded frequencies and final payment.

A bad Loop: no IEC conforming certificate, no 500-500Hz frequencies, wire installed incorrectly, cheap or inadequate Voice Driver amplifier, Buzzing or hum in hearing aids, spoken words are unclear, crackling or shhh on words. User complaining to audiologist or Pastor about noise.

Ugly loop: lost your money on a bad loop, defined above and there is no one to call and complain about it. Installer can not be found. carpetbagger? maybe, but certainly a thief of frequencies.

Questions about your loop: If you have any questions about your Hearing Loop installation and did not receive your IEC conformity Certificate with all of the recorded frequencies then call you installer immediately and

1. Call your Audiologist and have them call American Hearing Loop at 864-404-6937.
2. Call American Hearing Loop directly 864-404-6937

American Hearing Loop issues IEC Certificates for all of its installations and guarantees its installation and hardware.
We will repair and service the hearing loop under normal usage for the lifetime of the hearing loop.
American Hearing Loop is IEC certified and trained. We provide an IEC conformity certificate with a guarantee on all our work.