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What is a T-Coil without a hearing loop?

What is a hearing loop without a T-Coil?


American Hearing Loop promotes the audiologist who understands the benefits of hearing loops and will educate their clients. This allows patients to have a knowledgeable audiologist who will teach them about T-coils and hearing loops. The audiologist receives additional business benefits while supporting the whole hearing-impaired community.

American Hearing Loop is genuinely here to help, particularly those who cannot hear. Not being able to understand what is heard affects a person’s ability to pass a class, understand a sermon, complete a job, and many other scenarios. Those who listen in a hearing loop understand and can then participate and be included. Hearing loops promote inclusivity. Patients who do NOT have T-Coils can generate new business opportunities.

T-Coils = More Hearing Loops = More Patients = Better Hearing = More Business

A win-win formula for everyone

Not being able to hear in large meeting rooms or at church, for example, get worse as we get older. While today’s digital hearing devices are great at enhancing hearing in casual, informal settings, the change in speech processing is not something we can fix with hearing aids alone. Hearing Loops improve hearing devices better; Hearing Loops double the performance and features of the device through technology that is simple to use, universal and in many cases easy to install.” —Dr. Juliëtte Sterkens, AuD.

Are Telecoils and Hearing Loops Obsolete?

To quote Geoffrey Cooling, a hearing healthcare professional,“Hell no! You should always consider a Telecoil.

In the US, loop systems are seeing a huge resurgence because of committed campaigners and the Hearing Loss Association of America. It’s really simple; telecoils allow you to connect easily to loop systems. Loop systems provide direct wireless input into your hearing aids. No interference, no background noise, just the signal directly from the input, whether that is the microphone a priest is using, the audio system in a theatre, the microphone the cashier is speaking at the bank, or the music from the concert hall stage. The system gives you the very best access to the sound you want to hear.

So no, telecoils are not obsolete; they may be old, but they work just fine, and there is no sign of a better solution on the horizon” (Cooling 2019).

For large rooms, there is no better assistive listening technology than a hearing loop. As a team of professional installers, we ask that you, the audiologist, help us by promoting hearing loops and activating your patients’ T-Coils. It is to their benefit and coming from you, it would be but a short educational opportunity for them.

Let’s get in the loop and make this sign more persuasive!

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