With 25 Years of engineering experience, American Hearing Loop is your hearing loop installer in the Southeast. We are trained to install our loops so they are 100 % ADA compliant and meet IEC 60118-4 specifications. We are looping North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Virginia.

James Stowell

James Stowell

American Hearing Loop brings clear communications into your home, hospitals, ticket windows, grocery counters, bank teller windows, office lobbies, meeting rooms and many other venues where a customer service person needs to communicate with the hearing impaired person that is wearing a hearing aid. Looping brings clear sound quality with no background clatter or noise to hearing aid wearers in large venues such as Auditoriums and Churches.

“Maybe 25 years’ experience as a Signal processing research engineer, high precision satellite engineer and large structure health monitoring engineer brought us to the physics of hearing loop. The most difficult challenges of our generation the complete, total precise reproduction of human speech between 100Hz-5000Hz.” says James Stowell with AHL,  “Until you experience it, the Wow, it’s difficult to explain and understand how your hearing could improve so much. Hearing Loops work, and take over in crowded or ambient situations where hearing aids fail to lock in on the source of the sound.”

American Hearing Loop uses equipment which utilizes advanced hearing loop system technology to assist those people who wear or use “T-Coil” style hearing aids. American hearing Loop specialists are fully certified, bonded and trained in hearing loop installations.

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Contact your local Audiologist /Caregiver or please call or email us with questions. We will be standing by, lets Loop America Together. Please call and let us bring life back into your hearing. Hearing loops are a better solution.

American Hearing Loop, Loop Specialist are thoroughly trained  and approved by Contacta the leading hearing loop company  in North America,in how to install an loops to the IEC standards and supply proper documentation for each install.  (Please make sure your installer can prove they are certified) for Loop systems installations in homes, hospitals, event centers, churches, public and private facilities including temporary loops for commencements and graduations or board meetings.

Veteran owned and operated. Enabling the hearing impaired to live a better life. Lets hear better by looping.