2 Way Talker Shield

Hearing well is the foundation for good, effective communications between any two people. With clarity, meaningful decisions can be made.

Is it possible to safely provide your staff and clients (or patients) with the benefits of clear sound and comprehension, in spite of barriers and background noise?

This two-way speech transfer system features a mounted microphone on the “customer” side, a stand-up microphone on the staff side and overhead, surface mounted speakers on both sides.

Illustrated above is the standard kit as it appears installed with a clear, 4’ x 4’ polycarbonate shield and angled aluminum supports. The kit includes all hardware, instructions, wiring and electronics needed for a permanent, “new normal” and safe solution in response to the pandemic. Also available: custom configurations and complete installation. Call for kit pricing and delivery times.

– Checkout & Customer Service Counters
– Concierge/Information Desks
– Emergency Department Registration
– Medical Office Consult & Checkout
– Pharmacy Consultation
– Ticket Sales (Ask About Solid Glass Options)

*Hearing Loop sends speech wirelessly to the telecoil in all brands of hearing aids and cochlear implants.

Call 1-864-404-6937 if you have any questions.

Download the 2-Way Talker Shield PDF

Telecoils + Hearing Loop Systems = Clarity + Improved Comprehension