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Need a hearing loop installed correctly? You have come to the right place! We have a vast knowledgebase and extensive experience installing hearing loops.

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Professional layout, equipment, and installation ensures your hearing loop will function properly for years to come.

Hearing Loops for Churches

Want your congregation to hear you? We install hearing loops in churches and houses of worship.

Hearing Loops for Performing Arts

Performing arts, little theaters, and playhouses are perfect for hearing loops!

Hearing Loops in Retirement Communities

Hearing Loops are perfect for Retirement Communities! Everyone can hear all the activity.

Hearing Loops for Conference Rooms

Hearing loops help your hearing impaired attendees hear everything at the meeting.


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We Are a Company of Passionate Hearing Loop Designers and Installers

We are the Nation’s leading Hearing Loop experts. We Are a Company of Passionate Hearing Loop Designers and Installers. American Hearing Loop brings clear communications into your home, hospitals, ticket windows, grocery counters, bank teller windows, office lobbies, meeting rooms, and many other venues where a customer service person needs to communicate with the hard of hearing person that is wearing a Hearing Aid or Cochlear Implant (CI). Looping brings clear sound quality with no background clatter or noise to hearing aid wearers in large venues such as Auditoriums and Churches. Our hearing loops change your life and improve individual health.

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A Proven Solution to a Widespread Problem

An estimated 61 million people in the U.S. are hearing impaired. Put another way, one out of every 10 of us have hearing loss that affect our ability to enjoy films, lectures and other public presentations or decipher public announcements at places such as airports and sports stadiums. Hearing aids improve a person’s ability to hear in quiet locations, but they can’t filter out background noise and reverberation in public places. The more the wearer increases the volume of the hearing aid, the higher the level of background noise. An announcement on a public address system is often incomprehensible. Increasingly, a hearing loop is being embraced as a solution to the problem. The Hearing Loss Association of America and the American Academy of Audiology are leading the charge with a “Get in the Hearing Loop” education campaign. American Hearing Loop is pleased to be one of the few certified installers of hearing loops in the South East. In this website, we will share information about hearing loops and answer some frequently asked questions about hearing loop installations. If you have a specific question, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Call today for your on-site Loop System demonstration! The absolute best way to actually witness the benefits of a Loop System is to have an on-site demonstration. We will temporarily lay out the Loop wire so that a person with hearing instruments or even without (using a special receiver) can hear what the Loop System sounds like. Contact us Phone: 864-404-6937 Email: james@americanhearingloop.com

Open and safe. We are providing the business community with Covid19 Safe solutions for 2-way communications.

Superior Intercom performance and the 2 WayTalker unit is always on.
Filters away mask and shield barriers for crystal clear speech and conversation while keeping Staff and Customers safe from the spread of COVID19 and other airborne diseases.

Voice Your Hearing Loss – Kathy Kopp

Listen to Kathy Kopp voice her hearing loss and how hearing loops have helped. She also urges others with hearing loss to speak up and tell others.

Sun City Loop Install

American Hearing Loop installs loop in Magnolia Theater in Sun City, Hilton Head SC.

Sun City residents who rely on hearing aid devices will now experience a more fulfilling theater experience when they visit Magnolia Hall thanks to the installation of new technology.

A new hearing loop system will allow residents with hearing aids equipped with a telecoil to hear more clearly during the many events that take place at the venue, from movies to live performances. American Hearing Loops co-owner James Stowell explained how the system works during a seminar March 23.

Read the story here.

Sertoma’s Donation Improves Communication in South Carolina Community

Service workers at the Lexington Chamber of Commerce in Lexington, South Carolina, install the new hearing loop that was partially paid for by the Lexington Sertoma Club, Feb. 3, 2016.

February 25, 2016

Social events, both small and large, help create a sense of belonging and unity within communities. We may not always realize it, but at times, individuals with hearing loss can feel isolated, or left out during social events simply because of communication limitations. Approximately 20% of Americans have hearing loss, and even those with hearing aids are not always able to understand or hear speech effectively in large group settings. In order to compensate, and break down these communication barriers, specific types of technology called “hearing looping systems” are now being implemented into public vicinities to accommodate those that have hearing loss. Read Full Story

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